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    Did L3 buy Harris, or was it the other way around? When I worked for L3 last year they touted it as they purchased Harris, but with the company I work for now, which is a stone's throw from Harris, the rumor is Harris bought L3.

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    Let me Google that for you...
    In October 2018 L3 announced an all-stock "merger of equals" with Florida-based Harris Corporation, to be closed (subject to approvals) in mid-2019. The new company, tentatively called L3 Harris Technologies, Inc., will be based in Melbourne, Florida, where Harris is currently headquartered.

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    Let me Google that for you...
    Thanks. Equals? I doubt it. Whenever I talk with one of my current coworkers, and the name Harris comes up, its usually followed by head shaking and a look of disgust. I have my own personal opinions of L3, but whatever happens, I hope folks don't lose their jobs from this merger.

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