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    After 38 years in military and commercial simulation, the time has come for this maintainer to hit the E-Stop button. I want to thank the many good people that I have come to know and work with across all these years. And I want to personally give thanks to Andy for providing this forum for this small community to be able to share information and keeping us informed of jobs, technical assistance, and many other things. It has been a fun ride. I will be settling down in Costa Rica. And I will continue to rate Air crews on their landings.

    Juan Santana

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    Happy trails, amigo.
    Who is John Galt?

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    Have a great time my friend!


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    Enjoy your retirement. Costa Rical sounds like a great retirement destination.

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    Juan, is your retirement to the land of "La Pura Vida" permanent or do you have further plans? I've seen videos of Costa Rica and it appears to be paradise on earth. May it be so for you.
    Neon Leon

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    Good luck Juan! Mike Verzal just left us here in Miami too. He went back to Seattle.

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    Good luck Juan and enjoy. If you ever need a Pan Am shirt with your name on it, I may still have a couple.

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