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    FedEx Express has a full flight simulator that it is willing to give away. My understanding is that FedEx will not charge anything for the device.

    Model: B-727-200F
    FAA Identification No: 1
    FedEx Identification: B72S3
    Advisory Circular: 120-40A
    Status: Inactive (It has been inactive for more than 2 years thus will not qualify to come back to active status since it would have to be bought up to Part 60 standards.)
    Sim Level: C
    Aircraft modeled: tail number 220FE

    Manufacturer: CAE
    Build Date: 1984
    Visual IG: EP1000 (However this will stay with FedEx)
    Visual Display: HD2K Projectors
    Host: SEL 32/77
    Motion: CAE 500
    Control Loading: Digital FPS100

    T001A boxes checked: EFB, TCAS, SMCGS, VGS, CIRC, WS Qualified

    This was the B-727 that was owned by the FAA and later bought by FedEx. Thus, the FAA simulator ID is #1.

    It would make a good display in a museum, possibly used by a school or maybe just an aviation buff who has a large garage.

    However.................... (you knew there had to be a BUT in there) - It will be up to whoever claims it to come get it and move it, preferably in a timely manner. The simulator is currently located in the old FedEx ARTC facility in Memphis.

    Hopefully, I will have a complete list of what is included in the package (spares, etc.) later today. As far as I know at the moment, the visual IG is the only part of the sim that FedEx is keeping.
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    Default Donate it to LRSC

    Lake Region State College has a Simulator Maintenance Program. It might be worth getting in touch with Richard Drury and seeing if they can take it.

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    Thanks for keeping us in mind here at LRSC, but as much as I would like to have the sim, we have no place big enough to install it in. We only have enough room for something about the size of an FTD.

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