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    Default Mobile MD-80 simulator

    Please allow me to post links to my home-built MD-80 simulator.
    There is still a long way to go before it's finished, but I hope that the result will become very close to a real MD-80. The simulator is operational enough so that you can start the plane and fly.

    The most special is that the simulator is built in a caravan so that it is mobile. I then drive out a few times a year and offers free sim flights to the common people, which then becomes a captain for 20 minutes.

    More videos here:

    My danish homepage:

    The international DC9 sim builder site:

    Best regards

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    Default MD-80

    Just curious, but where did you get the aircraft data package?

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    Default Mobile MD-80


    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Stephens View Post
    Just curious, but where did you get the aircraft data package?
    The platform is microsoft flight simulator 2004 (FS9)
    The plane model is Leonardo Maddog, which is an incredibly accurate replica of the real MD-80.
    Instruments and systems behave almost like in a real cockpit. It is also possible to simulate a variety of faults on the plane via an external PC.
    The flight characteristics lacks certainly something in relation to a real AA-simulator. However, I have not tried a real simulator yet. But a few real 737 pilots who have tried my cockpit, believe that flight characteristics react too fast.
    The idea is to get as many real panels as possible and get them modifyed so they interact to the flight simulator.
    My goal is to make it as realistic as possible also the flight controlls.

    Perhaps in a few years time I also can retract the undercarriages on caravan

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    That is outstanding Claus!

    Very impressive.

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