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    In 1969, I was about finished putting together a DC-8 simulator for United at Conductron. A marketing manager came up to me and said Mr Werner Von Braun would like to fly an approach in UAL's DC-8. Von Braun was on FSI's board of directors. He flew a pretty decent approach into LAX. Of course I knew he was a famous rocket scientist, but I did not know he was also a pilot. I guess he was happy, as soon afterward, Conductron received a contract for a DC-8 simulator.

    I installed it in a hangar at LGA in 1970. A hangar is not a good place to install a simulator, especially when the hangar doors are open. Later, when I joined Braniff in 1978, there it was, with a GE light valve projector and a huge camera model. When Braniff went under in 1983, the simulator was bought by Aeroservices in Miami. It simulated several flight panel configurations for various users. It was finally disassembled in the late 2000's. A thoughtful simtech, John DuPras, sent me the serial number name plate to me as a souvenir as I, along with a lot af others, had done a lot of the software on it.


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    Great story about WVB. I worked on that DC-8 Conductron at United. We replaced the analog to digital and digital to analog converters in it. It also ended up with Aeroservices, in Dayton.

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    Looks like it still has SP1 displays!!!
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    Are you Jim Bertram. AeroService tech manager.

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    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbrewer.m View Post
    No... Jim does not work there anymore he is at Boing. Also Aeroservice is no longer around, we were bought by Pan Am.
    When did that happen?

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