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Thread: GUEST login

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    Default GUEST login

    The generic GUEST login has been created, just like in the old board.

    Username: guest
    Password: guest

    And the same rules apply as on the old board. Use it for anonymous postings, special topics where you are concerned about your identity, and please don't abuse it.

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    The guest login has been modified to stop abuse.

    I've lowered the access rights so someone who logs in under guest cannot:

    - play any games in the Arcade
    - create or vote in any polls
    - use any vbookie functions, including betting
    - send or receive private messages or emails
    - edit any previous post that was created under the guest login
    - upload any images

    What the guest login can do is just:
    - read and reply to posts - create new posts

    If a guest posting needs edited or removed - please contact me.

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    A security update to this forum has forced me to change the GUEST login. An account can no longer have the username and password be the same thing so the guest login is now:

    Username: guest
    Password: password

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